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Importing Success: Why Work-Family Policies from Abroad Make Economic Sense for the U.S.
Thursday June 14th, 2007
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) will present findings from a new report on policies used abroad to help workers - especially women - balance the competing demands of employment and care-giving responsibilities.  The new GAO report shows the U.S. lags far behind other industrialized nations in providing policies that support working parents and their children.  The committee will hear testimony from expert witnesses about how American workers, businesses, and the overall economy could benefit from improved workplace policies, including extended maternity and paternity leave, increased access to child care, more paid sick and vacation time, and flexible work schedules.
Opening Statements: Congresswoman Maloney's Opening Statement
Witnesses: Kay Brown, Acting Director of Education, Workforce, and Income Security, Government Accountability Office Washington, DC

Dr. Janet Gornick, Professor, Baruch College, City University of New York, Director of the Luxembourg Income Study, and co-author of Families That Work, New York, NY


Ellen Bravo, Coordinator, Multi-State Working Families Consortium, Former Director of 9to5, and the author of Taking on the Big Boys, Milwaukee, WI


Laura Wallace, Director of the Work Life Program, SAS, Cary, NC


Dr. Tim Kane, Director, Center for International Trade and Economics, The Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC

Supporting Materials: GAO Report
Location:   216 Hart Senate Office Building
Time:      10:00 a.m
Press Advisory: Joint Economic Committee Hearing to Examine How Family-Friendly Policies are Good for the Economy, Businesses, and Workers
Press Release:

Work-Family Policies from Abroad Would Benefit U.S. Economy, Workers, and Families Joint Economic Committee Hearing Finds

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