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Thursday November 8th, 2007

As the subprime mortgage market fallout spills over into the broader housing market, trade deficits rise, and the dollar weakens, Sen. Schumer and the JEC Members will ask Chairman Bernanke for his views on the nation’s economic future and for guidance in dealing with current economic conditions.

Opening Statements: Senator Schumer's Opening Statement
  Congresswoman Maloney's Opening Statement
Witnesses: Mr. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Sysytem
Charts: The Bush Economy: The Most Protracted Post-War Jobs Slump
  The Bush Economy: Employee Compensation Has Lagged Far Behind Productivity
  The Bush Economy: Real Earnings Growth Has Been Weaker and More Unequal Than It Was in the Late 1990s
  The Price of Oil
Location: 216 Hart Senate Office Building
Time: 10:00am
Press Advisory:

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke to Testify at Joint Economic Committee on the U.S. Economic Outlook

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