Veterans and Social Security

Veterans and Social Security

The Need to Improve Economic Security for Veterans

As the last troops leave Iraq next month and the United States continues to hand over responsibility to Afghan forces, a new chapter will begin for the uniformed men and women returning home. For many servicemembers, returning home and transitioning into civilian life will be challenging.

Washington must remain committed to improving the economic livelihood of the men and women who turn in their uniforms and return to civilian life. This report examines the challenges of millions of veterans currently living in poverty and how Congress can help them to regain and maintain their economic footing.

Combatting High Unemployment Among Young Veterans

The unemployment rate for Post-9/11 veterans, men and women who have served since the attacks of September 11, 2001, remains unacceptably high. The jobless rate is especially high for the youngest of these veterans, those between the ages of 18 and 24, with nearly one-third out of work. The Great Recession took a tremendous toll on the labor market, and the weak job market may have made the
steady job and pay check that come with a military career more enticing to young Americans graduating from high school and college in recent years.


Help for Military Spouses in Workforce: In July, Senator Casey introduced the Military Spouses Job Continuity Act, legislation that would help military spouses more easily re-enter the workforce by offering a tax credit to any military spouse who has to renew or transfer a professional license due to a military Change of Station order.

Improving Military Spouse Employment Programs: Senator Casey in September introduced legislation to ensure that military spouse employment programs are properly serving military families. The legislation requires a complete review of programs to address concerns raised by servicemembers that these programs are underfunded and may not address their needs.

Helping Veterans Find Jobs: Senator Casey cosponsored and voted for the VOW to Hire Heroes Act that was signed into law in 2011.  The VOW to Hire Heroes Act contains several tax credits for businesses that hire out of work veterans. 

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