Small Business and Retail Production

Small Business and Retail Production

Senator Casey is dedicated to creating stable 21st century jobs and foster financial security for the nation.  He firmly believes in supporting our country’s small businesses that have struggled to stay afloat in the wake of the economic downturn.  Policies that encourage expansion within our nation’s small firms are one of the Senator’s firm priorities.  He believes in equipping small businesses with the resources needed to hire more workers and increase wages.

Expanding Small Businesses

Senator Casey was a strong proponent of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 which provided small businesses $12 billion in tax cuts and also allocates $30 billion to community banks to aid in providing access to capital for small businesses and increase SBA loan limits. 

The Senator has also taken a firm position in promoting growth and expansion within firms. He introduced the Small Business Jobs Tax Credit to encourage businesses to hire workers and reverse salary cuts and worker hours.

Supporting Manufacturing Production

Manufacturing and a robust retail production are crucial components of a strong economic foundation.  That is why Senator Casey is fully committed to prevent American jobs from being sent overseas. He is also full invested in promoting American-made goods and services. Last fall, Senator Casey played a key role in reauthorizing the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program (TAA).  The TAA is a program that assists workers and firms negatively impacted by trade. The program provides displaced workers with job training so they can acquire more skills to re-enter the job market and jobless benefits.  The extension of TAA passed in both Houses. 

Senator Casey has also been a vocal opponent of Chinese currency manipulation. He has called on the Commerce and Treasury Departments as well as President Obama to crack down on China’s manipulation of their currency. These actions give China an unfair advantage in the trading market and harm American workers and manufacturers. He also supports legislation that imposes stiff penalties on countries that unfairly boost their exports through manipulation.

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