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Vice Chairman Brady's Response to the President's Job Speech

Sep 09 2011

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“The President’s message was powerful and clear: ‘Government made America great and government can make it great again.’   This misguided view explains why two years after the recession ended Americans are still left suffering with a second-rate economy that’s held up to ridicule by the world as our nation sinks deeper into debt and 20 million Americans can’t find work. 

 “I was looking for real leadership – an admission the President’s economic policies have failed and a call for a fresh start, a new direction for this dismal economy.  Other than the call for passing the new sales agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama – which the President himself continues to hold up – what America witnessed was a shopping cart of gimmicks to special interest voting blocks paid for by crushing tax increases on the very consumers and job creators we need to get this economy back on track.’

 “It’s also mystifying why the President continues to block our successful companies from bringing back home to America a trillion dollars of their stranded profits overseas to be invested in new jobs, research & development, buildings and expansion.  That’s a trillion-dollar free market stimulus that can create nearly three million new American jobs in the next few years. “

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