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December 2004 Privatization Slashes Benefits and Adds Trillions to Social Security's Long-Term Cost
October 2004 The Bush Economic Record: Economic Failure and Misguided Policies (revised November 2004)
October 2004 Medicare Premiums are Undermining the Social Security COLA-New Data Shows Impact by State and Congressional District (revised October 16th)
October 2004 TANF Caseload Declines Despite Increases in Poverty
September 2004 Shrinking Child Tax Credit Leaves Over 9 Million Children Behind Next Year
September 2004 Bush Is No Reagan, But Reagan Was No Clinton
September 2004 Job Loss in the 2001 Recession Was Greater Than it Was in the Previous Recession but Federal Unemployment Insurance Was Less Generous (revised September 2004)
August 2004 Poverty Has Increased and Real Income Has Fallen since 2000 (revised September 2004)
August 2004 The Number of Americans without Health Insurance Rose for the Third Straight Year in 2003
August 2004 New CBO Analysis Confirms That the Bush Tax Cuts are Skewed Toward the Rich
July 2004 Rising Medicare Premiums Undermine the Social Security COLA: New Medicare Law Could Cut Benefits for Some
March 2004 Keeping the Social Security and Medicare Trustees' Reports in Perspective: The Administration's Tax and Spending Policies Are the Real Fiscal Crisis
February 2004 The President's Costly Tax Deduction for High-Deductible Health Insurance Offers Little to the Uninsured and Could Undermine Existing Coverage
February 2004 Long-Term Care Hospitals: More Facilities, More Expenditures, More Questions
February 2004 Administration's Health Insurance Tax Credit Proposal Fails to Provide a Real Solution to the Uninsured
February 2004 No Compassion for the Unemployed Despite Weak Labor Market
January 2004 The New Medicare Prescription Drug Act: Indexing Effect Erodes Benefit
January 2004 The Budget Outlook: Truth and Consequences
October 2003 The Administration's Latest Snow Job on the Economy
October 2003 The Administration's Latest Snow Job on the Economy - Executive Summary
October 2003 Misdirected Tax Options in the Medicare Conference
October 2003 Republican Medicare Conferees Agree to Double-Tax Certain Medicare Beneficiaries For Medicare Benefits (Fact Sheet)
September 2003 Poverty and Income in 2002 (Fact Sheet)
August 2003 Where's the Recovery Since Bush's Last Economic Summit?
July 2003 House Medicare "Reform" Proposals Would Wipe Out Social Security COLAs for Many Seniors
June 2003 Revisiting Myths About the Estate Tax: Rhetoric Versus Reality (Fact Sheet)
June 2003 Low-Income Working Families Deserve the Increased Child Tax Credit
June 2003 Expert Economists Refute Republican Myths About the Tax Cut
June 2003 The Persistence and Depth of Payroll Employment Job Losses
May 2003 Republican Tax-Cutting Strategy Fails the Economy
May 2003 Republican Tax-Cutting Strategy Fails the Economy - Executive Summary
May 2003 Why the Pension Preservation and Savings Expansion Act of 2003 Fails to Live Up to Its Name
May 2003 A Reality Check on "Faith-Based" Revenue Estimation
May 2003 A Reality Check on "Faith-Based" Revenue Estimation - Executive Summary
April 2003 The Social Benefits of Unemployment Insurance Far Outweigh the Costs: An Overview of the Economic Literature
April 2003 Republican Budget Resolutions Ignore the Plight of Long-Term Unemployed Workers
March 2003 Debunking the Argument that Unemployment Is Not High Enough to Justify Extending UI Benefits
March 2003 Unemployment Benefits and Job Search: The Administration's Weak and Misleading Case for Personal Reemployment Accounts
March 2003 Policies to Restore Full Employment and Promote Long-term Growth: Comparing the President's Jobs and Growth Initiative with the Democratic Alternative
February 2003 Why is There No Unemployment Insurance Extension in the Administration's Budget? (Updated March 2003)
January 2003 The Administration's Dividend and Capital Gains Proposal: A Costly Solution in Search of a Problem
January 2003 No More Parachutes: Additional Financial Aid to Airlines Not Warranted
January 2003 The Tale of the Top 1 Percent: A Rising Tax Share But Not A Rising Tax Burden
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