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Representative David Schweikert - Vice Chairman

Republican News

  • Congressman David Schweikert's Daily Debt Monitor

    Over the past 365 days, the total national debt has increased by $2.465 trillion. Debt held by the public has increased by $2.29 trillion over the same period (Nov 30 2022 - Nov 30 2023), while intragovernmental debt has grown by $174.991 billi...

  • Treasury Auction Results

    Treasury auction results provide insights into investor sentiment, prevailing market interest rates, and the government’s fiscal standing. Updated weekly.

  • PCE Inflation October 2023

    KEY TAKEAWAYS At 8:30am, BEA announced that in October: • Personal income increased by 0.2 percent m/m ($57.1B). o Real DPI (disposable personal income) per capita increased by 0.2 percent m/m. This means that income rose faster than price...

  • October 2023 CPI Report