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Representative David Schweikert - Vice Chairman

Republican News

  • Congressman David Schweikert's Daily Debt Monitor

    Over the past 365 days, the total national debt has increased by $2.498 trillion. Debt held by the public has increased by $2.323 trillion over the same period (Dec 7 2022 - Dec 7 2023), while intragovernmental debt has grown by $174.503 billio...

  • November 2023 Employment Situation Staff Commentary

    Nonfarm payroll employment increased by 199K jobs. Private sector payroll employment increased by 150K jobs. Government payroll employment increased by 49K jobs. The previous two month’s estimates were revised downward by 35K jobs (net; 35K ...

  • PCE Inflation October 2023

    KEY TAKEAWAYS At 8:30am, BEA announced that in October: • Personal income increased by 0.2 percent m/m ($57.1B). o Real DPI (disposable personal income) per capita increased by 0.2 percent m/m. This means that income rose faster than price...

  • Treasury Auction Results

    Treasury auction results provide insights into investor sentiment, prevailing market interest rates, and the government’s fiscal standing. Updated weekly.