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May 14 2020

Whither Loneliness?

Despite widespread media circulation of claims that the United States was significantly more lonely now than in the past, we were unable to find documentation that supported those headlines in a persuasive and rigorous fashion.
By taking a pluralistic approach to education and letting a thousand flowers bloom, policymakers can make homeschooling a viable alternative for parents who desire it.
Data released yesterday shows wedding bells are growing ever-fainter in states across America. This decline in marriage can be seen in the data even before any potential impact of the coronavirus, which is expected to lower the numbers even further due to social distancing-related delays.
Although most American religious denominations have temporarily stopped gathering in person, many religious communities are adapting to provide continued opportunities for participation, and meet the spiritual and physical needs of their communities.
The elderly are typically counted among society’s most vulnerable members due to health and physical challenges that accompany aging. Unfortunately, seniors are even more vulnerable during the current crisis and constitute one of the CDC’s high-risk populations for COVID-19.
Much has been said about coronavirus’s costs to public health and the economy, but it’s also worth considering how the virus may affect the health of American civil society. Non-profits constitute at least one significant element of civil society and they are currently being put to the test.
The family’s vital role is more apparent than ever during a crisis, and in recent weeks Americans have depended on the comfort and support of family more than usual. Unfortunately, new research suggests that the foundation of the family continues to erode.
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Even in our twenty-first-century American society, associational life ought to be at the center of thinking about our social order and public policy. This report discusses rebuilding civil society. It lays out the nature of our diminished civil society, documents trends in its decline, and charts a path to its renewal.