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Lee Releases Report on Alleviating Supply Chain Crisis

Lee Releases Report on Alleviating Supply Chain Crisis

WASHINGTON—Today, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), Ranking Member of the Joint Economic Committee, released a report on streamlining costly federal and local regulations affecting ports, shipping, and trucking to alleviate the supply chain crisis during the holiday season.

Lee said, “American families are facing shipping delays, supply shortages, and rising prices this Christmas. At each stage, costly regulations are increasing prices and delaying the process of getting everyday goods off ships, onto trucks, and into stores. Streamlining or suspending these regulations on ports, ships, and trucks would help alleviate the supply chain crisis and give families much needed relief.”

The report details how empty shelves and backlogged ports are making the holidays harder for American families, and recommends policy options to lower transportation costs, reduce burdensome port regulation, and improve flexibility for transportation workers with Sen. Lee’s STOP the GRINCH Act. It also recommends four bills Sen. Lee introduced this week to improve America’s port infrastructure by reducing regulatory barriers to dredging.

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The Joint Economic Committee is Congress’s bicameral economic research center and home of the Social Capital Project, led by Ranking Member Mike Lee.


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