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Bennett: New Jobs Report Shows Need for a "Bold" Economic Growth Bill

Bennett: New Jobs Report Shows Need for a "Bold" Economic Growth Bill

Washington, DC – Senator Bob Bennett (R-Utah), chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, made the following comments at the committee’s employment hearing today.

Regarding the February 2003 employment report:

“The economy has been growing, but too slowly to help many of our nation’s workers.”

“Today’s numbers reinforce the need for a bold economic growth package.”

“Congress should enact a plan that helps create jobs for those who are out of work today and strengthens the economy for years to come. A quick, temporary fix is not in order. We would fail our responsibilities if we adopt a limited package only to find ourselves in the same situation a year or two down the road.”

Regarding the president’s proposal for new personal re-employment accounts:

“Obviously the best remedy for the unemployed is a job. Most of us would much rather earn a paycheck than be given an unemployment check.”

“The basic structure of our unemployment insurance program has not appreciably changed for many years, and economists tell us that there is much room for improvement. The administration has made an innovative attempt along these lines with its proposal to create personal re-employment accounts. They would focus on the most important need – supporting efforts to find a new job.”

The Joint Economic Committee is a unique joint Senate-House committee created to study and advise Congress on economic policy. For copies of today’s testimony or for other information, visit the JEC online at

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