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Op-Ed: Where You Live Should Not Determine Your Child's Education

Lamentably, the federal government does not have much enthusiasm for school choice. That cold shoulder toward school choice hurts low-income families the most.

Op-Ed: Why Work Matters in the Post-COVID Economy

Over the past 18 months, tens of millions of Americans lost their jobs as the pandemic disrupted our economy and our way of life. Yet a year after the pandemic recession officially ended, nearly 5 million workers remain on the sidelines.

Op-Ed: Unshackling American Infrastructure

Over the last year, devastating power crises have struck communities across the country, from New York to California to Texas. Our fraying energy infrastructure is a burden on all Americans.

Op-Ed: Brain Drain and the Polarization of America

Are we more divided as a nation today than we were before? Our new research within the Joint Economic Committee’s Social Capital Project suggests that we are. The findings indicate that Americans are more frequently dividing themselves geographically and along lines of education. Highly educated Ame...

OPED: Paulsen on America's Jobs Boom and the GOP's Growth Agenda in Investor's Business Daily

America's robust economic potential slumbered in the eight years following the 2008-2009 recession because her greatest resource—American workers and job creators—were sidelined by a pessimism that pervaded federal tax and regulatory policy.

ICYMI: Tiberi Op-Ed in Washington Examiner

In January, I became the new chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, charged with providing Congress with economic analysis and advice. My advice is not to buy into the story that America's days of strong economic growth are a thing of the past. I refuse to accept the narrative that we are permane...

These 3 Conservative Policies Have Allowed Indiana’s Economy to Flourish

Last month, America’s economy added just 38,000 jobs, the weakest growth in five years. We should expect more than the lackluster 2 percent growth we’ve grown accustomed to under President Barack Obama. Luckily, there is already a successful working model in my home state of Indiana to accomplish...

In Case You Missed It: Chairman Coats Op-Ed in The Hill: Take steps today to reduce national debt

In his final State of the Union address earlier this year, President Obama stated that he wanted “to focus on the next five years, the next 10 years and beyond.” But throughout his remarks, he failed to discuss one of the most important issues our country faces in the coming years: our $19 trillion ...

Coats: How to jump-start U.S. economy

Only Pro-Growth Policies Can Save U.S. From Obamanomics

Chairman Coats and Vice Chairman Brady say "Despite the efforts of the president's report to depict the economic conditions nearly six years into this recovery in the best possible light, our formal response, the 2015 Joint Economic Report, notes that our economy remains stuck in second gear" in rec...