A federal judge’s decision to strike down the Affordable Care Act (ACA), if upheld, would increase the number of people without insurance by more than 17 million and raise premiums for those who are able to hang onto their coverage. As many as 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions could again be denied coverage or offered unaffordable insurance. This ruling would accomplish what congressional Republicans have spent years trying to achieve – repeal of the ACA.

In every state, numerous residents would lose their health care, including an estimated 315,000 New Mexicans and 183,000 Iowans. As more people are uninsured, hospitals would bear $15.4 billion more in uncompensated costs with ripple effects throughout the health care system.

Even those who are able to keep their health care would find it more expensive. Marketplace enrollees across the nation would lose over $65 billion in premium tax credits they need to afford health insurance, including $2.7 billion in tax credits for Georgians and $543 million for Mainers.  

Republicans and the Trump administration have done enough damage with their efforts to sabotage the health care markets. Getting rid of the ACA wholesale would devastate millions of Americans’ ability to access and afford the health care they need.