WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), Ranking Member of the Joint Economic Committee, issued the following statement today after the Department of Labor announced 157,000 jobs were added in July:

“This jobs report provides the latest evidence that the Republican tax law has done little to raise real wages in this country. This week, we also learned that the Trump administration is preparing to tilt the scales even more in favor of the wealthy with an executive order to cut capital gains taxes which would hand 95 percent of the benefits to the top 5 percent of tax payers. Time and time again, Congressional Republicans and the Trump administration have shown us that they stand with the wealthiest in our country while leaving working families behind.

“We need to focus on why American families are struggling to get ahead and address those needs. Connecting communities to broadband, making post-secondary education more accessible and affordable, and ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality health care. That’s what we should be focused on. Instead of handing out additional tax cuts to those who need it the least, let’s get to work to address the real needs of American families across the country.”

President Trump promised American families that they would see a $4,000 annual raise after the tax plan; so far, average weekly wages have increased $16.42.


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