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WASHINGTON—United States Congresswoman and Joint Economic Committee Vice Chair Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) today published a major, 50-state report detailing over $200 billion human and economic costs of gun violence. The costs include lost income and spending, employer costs, police and criminal justice responses and health care treatment.

The new statistics detail the toll of mass shootings, suicide and other firearm violence, and the impact on rural, suburban and urban communities throughout the nation. Click here for the report

Findings include:

  • Rural states (Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and West Virginia) have the highest costs of gun violence measured as a share of their economies.
  • States with high rates of gun ownership (Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Montana, West Virginia and Wyoming) have the highest rates of gun suicide. 
  • High youth death rates extend across region, with Alaska, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, and Delaware showing the highest rates.

"The report I am releasing today estimates the high cost of gun violence in all 50 states," Vice Chair Maloney said in a press conference to unveil the report. "The principal, and most painful cost, is the loss of human life. And the economic costs are staggering."

"The gun violence epidemic needs to stop and needed to stop a long time ago," the Congresswoman said. "House Democrats made a good start earlier this year," she said, adding: "And now the Senate needs to act."

Publication of the report came just before a hearing Wednesday afternoon where the family members of victims, experts and advocates testified about the toll of guns in America.