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Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM)

The report highlights multiple approaches Congress can take to address the college affordability crisis in the United States, including alleviating the cost burden on students, changing the incentives that colleges face, and offering better guidance and information to students. Congress should expand low-cost, high-quality pathways and provide the support students who enroll in college need to complete their degrees.
The report, “The Need to Rebuild Smarter,” cites that the average cost of national disasters have more than tripled since 1980. Furthermore, climate change poses an increasing threat to communities in the United States, with populations at risk to hurricanes growing 22 percent faster than the overall population from 2001-2010.
This month’s highlights include updated preschool and college enrollment data, and updated Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Medicare enrollment figures.
Our economy is increasingly becoming dependent on access to high-speed internet connections. Access to the internet brings unprecedented economic opportunities for users, especially for people living in remote areas, for whom the internet opens a window to the world. The internet, and access to it, has changed our world in such a profound way that for many people, life without it is unimaginable.

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