The rising costs of childcare, healthcare, and education, coupled with stagnating wages, have made raising a child a financial high wire act for many American families. Unfortunately, much of the Bush tax cuts were designed to provide benefits to the people who don’t need them, while middle-class families struggle to manage the expenses of raising a family — expenses which only increase with each new child. Targeted tax relief to middle-class families will help them to mange the crunch of balancing work and family, achieve their aspirations, and contribute to America’s economic growth.

Key Facts

·        Families Are Sacrificing More to Have Children.

·        More Young Adults are Waiting Longer to Have Children.

·        It Often Takes Two Incomes to Raise a Family.

·        Child Care Can Pose a Huge Financial Burden on Families.

·        Millions of Americans Are Struggling to Manage the Financial Crunch in Balancing Work and Family.

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