Parents today know that their children will need a college education to succeed in our global economy, but they are having a harder time saving for college as tuition skyrockets. Despite the importance of a college education to an individual’s future success and the competitiveness of the entire economy, steep tuition increases have made college an intimidating financial hurdle for middle class families. America’s parents need support to be able to provide their children with the opportunities and access to education that they had. Only with this support will today’s young people achieve prosperity in a changing global economy.

Key Facts

·        College is Key for Opportunity in 21st Century Economy.

·        The Cost of College Keeps Going Up.

·        Students and their Families Are Racking Up Student Loan Debt.

·        Even Families that Do Save For College, Can’t Save Enough.

·        On Top of Tuition, Textbooks Create a Burden On College Students and Their Families.


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