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What Happens After “Repeal and Run”?

As new iterations of the same TrumpCare have failed, Senate Republicans are pushing a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a replacement plan. This threatens to drop millions from health care coverage, increase premiums, raise uncompensated costs to hospitals, and devastate state and local economies.

  • If the ACA is repealed, millions of Americans will lose coverage, including 709,000 in Arizona, 371,000 in Nevada, and 266,000 in New Mexico.
  • Hospitals will buckle under the strain of uncompensated costs, further squeezing already strapped hospitals and passing greater costs on to taxpayers and other patients. Uncompensated care is projected to increase by $2.7 billion in Ohio.
  • State economies will shed jobs and take a hit to economic growth. Pennsylvania would lose 140,000 jobs across the health care, construction, retail, and financial industries. Gross state product in Colorado would decrease by $24 billion within the first four years of repeal.

To call a vote on repeal without replacement is irresponsible, and to pass repeal would be catastrophic.

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