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Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance in America: 2008

Sep 11 2009

American families are experiencing very difficult economic times – the toughest in terms of stagnant incomes since World War II.  Over the 2000-2008 period, the economic policies pursued during the previous administration left most families behind and ill-prepared to weather the severity of the current recession.  During the Bush administration, the number of Americans living in poverty  increased by nearly 8.2 million; and instead of growing, incomes for families in the bottom 40 percent of the income distribution ladder actually fell. One out of every eight Americans was living below the federal poverty line in 2008. Also, during the eight years of the Bush administration, the ranks of the uninsured grew by 20.6 percent. The cost of health insurance has risen steadily, putting pressure on employers and straining cash-strapped American families.
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