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Brady Votes for A Budget Path Back to American Prosperity

Congressional Economic Leader says "more debt, more deficits, more despair" is the wrong direction

Mar 29 2012


Washington, DC – The U.S. House of Representatives approved a budget today that cuts wasteful Washington spending, shrinks the size of the federal government, takes the first step to preserve Social Security and Medicare for every generation and cuts federal taxes. 

The GOP budget was approved – 228-191 – with the support of U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady of Texas, the top Republican in Congress on the Joint Economic Committee and a senior member of the House Ways & Means Committee.

"If you like the direction our country is going – more debt, more deficits, more despair – than the President’s budget is the path for you. But I want to change the course of our country and President Obama’s struggling economy so I supported the GOP budget as a solid first step toward putting America back on the path to prosperity and paying down its debt,” said Brady. “Clearly the President failed on his promise to cut the deficit in half his first term – it’s nearly tripled in size. For our kids' sakes, Washington can’t keep spending money it doesn’t have for jobs it doesn’t get. Americans deserve as better future.”

The House also unanimously rejected – 414-0 – the President’s budget which never balances and calls for record deficits, higher taxes and no reforms to save Social Security or Medicare. 

As a member of the House conservatives, Brady also supported the Republican Study Committee’s “Cut, Cap & Balance” budget which balances Washington’s books in only five years. That measure was defeated 136-285.

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