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‘Facts Are Stubborn Things’: Obama Record Dismal

Feb 17 2012

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"There is an old adage in Washington,” said Kevin Brady, Vice Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee.  “When you want to hide something, release it late in the afternoon on the eve of a holiday weekend. Today, President Obama has lived up to that tradition.”

“The administration knew when it released the Economic Report of the President at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon that it would hit offices and desks too late for the press to do serious analyses in time for the Sunday shows,” Brady continued. “While I have not had the chance to review the report, I suspect that the report will go to great lengths to claim the success of the Administration’s policies,” the Congressman said.

“While it is great news that the economy is growing and creating jobs, it’s disturbing to imagine how much better off we would be without the President’s job killing assault on hardworking taxpayers and job creators.   If the President had chosen to follow President Reagan’s example, he might have gotten the same results.  Instead he chose a path toward bigger government, more spending, more regulation and more taxes.”

“When measured against the Reagan recovery, the Obama recovery has failed on every metric – growth, job creation, unemployment, etc.   If President Obama had followed President Reagan’s example we might have gotten similar results – meaning a 6.3% unemployment rate and 10.8 million more payroll jobs.  Unfortunately, he chose wrong and the American people continue to pay the price.”

“On this holiday weekend, when we honor some of the nation’s greatest presidents, I hope President Obama will pause to reflect on how some of his more illustrious predecessors would have responded to our dire economic situation,” Brady stated.

“Ronald Reagan, quoting John Adams, reminded us that, ‘Facts are stubborn things.’ The facts are clear: President Obama’s economic policies are not working. That is why his team released this report so late in the day,” the Congressman said

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