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ObamaCare's Second Anniversary Must Be Its Last

JEC Health Care Chart reminds Americans of the President's bureaucratic maze

Mar 22 2012

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Washington, DC - “Friday, March 23rd marks the second anniversary of President Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment – ObamaCare – becoming  law.”

“For the sake of the quality of our health care, our jobs, our economy, our fiscal future, and our liberty, this must be the last such annual milestone. " said U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady, the Vice Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee and a senior member of the Committee on Ways and Means. "We must repeal ObamaCare, because we can do better for the American people than this horrible health care law.”

Joint Economic Committee Republicans are re-releasing the health care chart the committee produced in 2010 that illustrates how the law puts level upon level of bureaucracy between patients and their doctors.

"It is important to remind everyone just how intrusive, complicated and unworkable the entire ObamaCare scheme is and the threat it represents to our future,” added Brady.

The JEC Republicans health care chart can be found at the following link:   A guide to understanding the chart and further information on the charts contents can be found at:   The information can also be accessed through the JEC Republicans Facebook page.

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